Sara Driver

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Jim Jarmusch’s life partner and producer of his first two films, Sara Driver is a cult figure of the scene in New York -Bowery district. Her first film You are not I adapted one of Paul Bowles’ masterpiece tales and transferred it to the big screen, a black and white cinematic nightmare. This is considered to be the best cinematic adaptation of the work by the writer from Tangiers. Francis Poole remarkably reviews the film. The book includes a general text by the great Jonathan Rosenbaum, interviews with Sara Driver and Jim Jarmusch, edited by Lily M. Papayanni, a general text by Thomas Linaras, texts by Poly Lykourgou on Sleepwalk and Laura Kern for the film When Pigs Fly. Also, the editor of this publication writes about the exceptional 10-minute short film The Bowery-Spring. Complete film credits and synopses (for the films of Jim Jarmusch as well) and a short biography close this publication. The photograph of the summer in 1979 on a rooftop in New York is the gem of this short but elegant and concise book.

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