Werner Herzog and the cinema: signs of life

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From the Himalaya to the Antarctica and from Siberia to the jungle of Amazon, the German filmmaker left his cinematic footprint everywhere, searching with persistence what he called "ecstatic truth”. The publication includes seven interviews -they are basically chapters- in an in-depth confession on his work, which accompanies the essays by Grazia Paganelli. In addition, full credits and synopses of his 52 films and two essential texts by the director himself “The manifest of Minnesota” and “Regarding the absolute of divine and the ecstatic truth” complete this unique monograph. The book, edited by Thomas Linaras, is the translation of the Italian book “Segni di Vita-Werner Herzog e il cinema”, written by Grazia Paganelli, which was published in 2008 by The National Museum of Cinema in Torino.

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