Sergei Loznitsa

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The Belarussian documentary filmmaker, Sergei Loznitsa, with his rare aesthetics, directs lifeless forms of life and frozen landscapes in the ancient Taiga of Siberia. In his odd film, The Train Station, people fall asleep waiting, at a station in the middle of nowhere, for a train that never comes, while in the 58-minute one-shot from the Landscape, the endless waiting of people at a bus station transforms into an existential state. The book, exceptionally edited by Dimitris Kerkinos, includes: critical text and an interview with the director conducted by the editor, the texts “Strange places” by Dimitris Bampas, “Still lives” by Thomas Linaras, “On Earth as in Heaven” by Éric Vidal, “The Train Stop” by Serge Meurant, “The Siege” by Polina Barskova, full credits and synopses of all the films of a director, who claimed in his interviews that “time doesn’t exist”. One of the hidden gems of the festival's publications.

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