Eric Rohmer

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This book about Éric Rohmer, the great moralist of the European cinema and one of the founders of Nouvelle Vague and Cahier du Cinéma, opens with three essential general texts by Michel Demopoulos, Nikos Savvatis (editor of the publication) and Serge Daney. Following is a series of interviews -or better described as friendly conversations- on the issues of poetic and cinematic morality, and texts by the director, including the classical “The Taste of Beauty” published in 1961 by Cahiers du Cinéma. There are also reviews by Greek and international film critics for the 33 short, middle-length and feature films. One of the hidden gems of the festival's library, which captures the magical place, where the grace of speech and cinematic image meet. This is also the core of his work.

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