Jerzy Skolimowski

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With a personal text, instead of a prologue, by Michel Demopoulos, a series of intriguing interviews and bold theoretical researches by Tadeusz Sobolewski, Michele Clément, Richard Combs, and an analytical bio-filmography, this monograph (edited by Michel Demopoulos and Thomas Linaras) observes the turbulent and unexpected paths of one of the restless and unconventional modern filmmakers. Following is the sum of his filmography -reviewed by acclaimed film critics: Jean-Louis Comolli, Thierry Jousse, Serge Toubiana, Pascal Bonitzer, Serge Daney, Vasilis Rafailidis, Giannsi Bakogiannopoulos, Dimitris Bampas etc., as well as a selection of the greatest texts that have been written about his work. The Polish filmmaker, one of the founders of modern cinematic form, is still a great chapter of the cinema worldwide.

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