Béla Tarr

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Monograph edited by Athina Rachel-Tsangari, which is dedicated to the odd, eerie and visionary cinematic work of the great Hungarian filmmaker, Béla Tarr. The book opens with an informative text by the editor with a Bressonian title “The Devil, Probably”, followed by the text by Gus van Sant, and four essential introductory texts by Stéphane Bouquet, Émile Breton, John Orr, Gábor Gelencsér, and two interviews with Béla Tarr. The back cover is embellished with a brief comment, filled with honest admiration, by the remarkable Jim Jarmusch. With reviews for all his films (including the seven-hour film-meteor Satantango) concluded this monograph, the publication attempts to shed light -even briefly- to one of the most inaccessible and hermetic works in the history of cinema.

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