Yorgos Panousopoulos

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“Yorgos Panousopoulos can play the role of the director but also of the director of photography, the camera operator, the editor, the screenwriter, and of course the producer”, Despina Mouzaki aptly points out in the prologue of this exceptional publication, edited by Dimitris Kerkinos. Panousopoulos is a man-orchestra of his own. In the film A Foolish Love, apart from director and screenwriter, he is also the camera operator and producer. Christos Vakalopoulos has written an exceptional text on the film (republished from the magazine Ntefi). Extraordinary general texts, remarkable interviews-discussions (including a discussion with the poet Yannis Varveris), testimonies by friends (Panagiotopoulos, Katsouridis, Bakirtzis etc.) and a rich filmography reviewed with critical texts and notes, where the old and the new generation of Greek film critics coexist. The only international text is written by Tullio Kezich. The publication also includes a catalogue of the TV productions, since Panousopoulos worked extensively in TV advertising. One of the most significant books of the Festival's library.

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