Stavros Tornes

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With Karkalou, a film about “life of death”, which deserves a permanent place in the 10 best films of Greek cinema, Stavros Tornes reached the top of national cinema. His films captured in their core a giant passion for cinema and a restless soul and opened the path for Greek cinema. In this publication, the editors Ilias Kanellis and Stavros Kaplanidis gathered all the things Stavros said and wrote -from texts to radio discussions and interviews, to drawings or drafts of screenplays for films that were never made. Following is a variety of texts, articles, comments and testimonies about the man and his work, and his filmography from 1963 to 1987 reviewed. Michel Demopoulos writes in his prologue: Stavros Tornes passed through Greek cinema like a lighting and for a long time he was forgotten. Let’s rediscover him from the beginning, let's rediscover in his films the importance of poetry, images which seemed to be inarticulate but they are an honest cry and desperate patterns of the unbearable world, his beauty and his ugliness.

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