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How does human presence on earth, upset its balance and endanger our planets future? The Festival's tribute to the Anthropocene Age, explores issues of geological; environmental; social; philosophical and cultural implication. Climate change, the rapid extinction of species from our planet, the ecological disaster, the consequences of nuclear testing, the excessive use of plastic and the uncontrollable consumption of meat, have created a new and nightmarish reality; which threatens the very existence of life on earth. All of this leaves its mark, on culture and civilisation, on art and cinema — not only because it captures humanities, interventionist activity in nature but also because it shifts our mode of thought, expression and creativity into new paradigms. In the bilingual (Greek and English) version of our Festival, titled “Anthropocene”, scientists, philosophers and film and art historians, set out to answer the many questions, which this new reality is in the process of continuously creating.

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