The Brother from Another Planet

The Brother from Another Planet

He is mute, with three-toed feet, and the magical ability to repair machinery and heal wounds. Other than that, he is a typical Afro-American. An alien castaway, after crashing his spaceship on Ellis Island, blends in with all offbeat NY tribes of barflies, junkies, loonies, racist cops, blue-collar everyday heroes, unaware that he’s under surveillance. A sarcastic deconstruction of all conventional narratives on racial segregation and immigrant ordeal by the Pope of American politicized cinema, John Sayles.


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Direction: John Sayles
Script: John Sayles
Cinematography: Ernest R. Dickerson
Editing: John Sayles
Sound: Eric Taylor
Music: Martin Brody, Mason Daring
Actors: Joe Morton, Darryl Edwards, Steve James, Bill Cobbs, David Strathairn
Producer/Producers: Peggy Rajski, Maggie Renzi
Sets: Nora Chavooshian
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 1984
Duration: 110'
Contact: IFC Films
Awards/Distinctions: Special Jury Recognition in Dramatic Non-Competition – Sundance Film Festival 1985, Best Actor, Best Screenplay – Sitges IFF 1984

John Sayles

Director, screenwriter, and novelist John Sayles is one of the most prominent figures of American indie cinema. After studying Psychology and directing a series of award-winning shorts, he made his feature debut with the film Return of the Secaucus 7. Sayles has received two Academy Award nominations for Best Original Screenplay, for his films Passion Fish and Lone Star.


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