The Green Planet

La belle verte

Upon visiting Paris, a superior being from a utopian planet is shocked to learn of humans’ consumerist ways and sets out to do a green awakening. A wild and highly imaginative comedy, which prompts us to reconsider our way of life in this world, redefining the importance of the connection with nature. Multi-talented director, actress, writer, and musician Coline Serreau unravels the style that established her as one of the most emblematic agents of French Cinema while introducing two major film stars: Vincent Lindon, Head of the Jury in the latest Cannes Film Festival, and ravishing Marion Cotillard in one of her first on-screen roles.

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Direction: Coline Serreau
Script: Catherine Renault
Cinematography: Robert Alazraki
Music: Coline Serreau
Actors: Vincent Lindon, James Thiérrée, Marion Cotillard, Claire Keim, Yolande Moreau
Producers: Alain Sarde
Production Country: France
Production Year: 1996
Duration: 99΄

Coline Serreau


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